Coureses in Curatorial Studies

Philosophy of Curatorial Practice: 1800-Present

Contemporary Issues in Curatorial Practice

Curatorial Practice and Multiculturalism

Curatorial Practice and Globalization

Curatorial Practice and Feminism

Curatorial Practice and LGBTQ+ Exhibitions

Curatorial Practice and Relational Art

Curatorial Practice and Environmental Art

Curatorial Practice and New Media Art

Curatorial Practice, Sci-Art, Bio-Art and Posthumanism


Coureses in Philosophy of Art

Contemporary Issues in 21st Century Aesthetics 

Philosophy of Art: Aesthetic Theory 1800-Present

Philosophy of Art: Modern and Postmodern Aesthetics

Philosophy of Art: Baroque and Neo-Baroque Art

Philosophy of Art: Phenomenology of Artistic Experience

Philosophy of Art: Archetype, Symbolism and Semiotics

Philosophy of Art: Psychology and Artistic Expression

Philosophy of Art: Being and Art

Philosophy of Architecture: 1800-Present

Philosophy of Fashion: 1800-Present


Coureses in Professional Practice

Professional Practice for Artists

Senior Projects and Portfolio Development

Professional Practice for Curators


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