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Research Interests: Aesthetics, Affect Theory, Architecture Theory, Art Criticism, Art History, Art Theory, Beauty, Being, Biopower, Bio-Art, Capitalism, Curatorial Theory, Consciousness Studies, Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Cultural Commons, Decoloniality, Empire, Esotericism, Event, Feminism, Globalization, Materialism, Marxism & Post-Marxism, Modernism & Neo-, Hyper-, Alter-, and Liquid Modernity, Multitude, Nihilism, Object-Oriented Philosophy, Panopticism, Pluralism, the Neo-Baroque, Neo-Feudalism, Post-Colonialism, Post-Digital Aesthetics, Phenomenology, Postmodernism, Psychology, Realism, Semiotics, Simulation Theory, Spectacle, Speculative Materialism, Subjectivization, Surveillance Studies, the Undercommons, and Vitalism.


2016-2020 - Post-Doc

Node Center for Curatorial Studies: International Curators Program (ICA)


2009-2014 - Ph.D

Europäische Universität für interdisziplinäre Studien, (EGS, European Graduate School), Saas-fee, Switzerland


2006-2009 - Master of Fine Arts

UCI (University of Irvine, California)


2006-2009 - Critical Theory Emphasis Program in Studio Art

Critical Theory Institute (CTI) at the University of California Irvine (UCI)


2005-2007 - Masters in Media and Communications

Europäische Universität für interdisziplinäre Studien, (EGS, European Graduate School), Saas-fee, Switzerland


2000-2005 - Bachlor of Fine Arts

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Ca.






  • Instructor, Arizona State University, Curatorial Studies.

I was hired to teach various offerings about curatorial practice including Curatorial Histories, Curation and Globalization, and professionalization courses for art students. Philosophy of Curatorial Practice: 1800-Present examines the rise of different exhibition practices in the pre-modern, modern, postmodern and contemporary periods. Students in the course learn about different institutional methodologies, the innovations of singular figures and have discussions about landmark exhibitions that shifted the way curatorial practice has developed throughout the ages. Curation and Globalization is a course that covers the history of art exhibitions at World’s Fairs, Art Biennials and Post-Biennial Platforms as well as what the changing definitions of Modern, Postmodern, Contemporary and Global Art mean in a 21stcentury context. MFA Graduate Thesis Capstone / Professionalization is a course that is designed to prepare students to engage in the professional art market as well as how to best utilize their skills in order to acquire gainful employment upon graduation

  • Art Reviewer for JAVA Magazine. 

I was hired to write reviews of significant local, national and international artists exhibiting throughout Arizona.

  • Curatorial Coordinator for Artlink Phoenix, Media and Communications Specialist.

I was hired to organize, promote and help develop open calls for exhibitions, public art projects and special art events throughout the city. This includes working on social media, analytics, and advertising campaigns to grow engagement and awareness about the opportunities for artists throughout Arizona. Graphic design, photography and writing promotional copy are essential aspects of the job along with note taking at meetings, professional correspondence and multi-tasking. 



  • Program Director, Fine Art Complex 1101.

I am the director of the day-to-day operations of a non-profit arts organization dedicated to gaining wider exposure for artists who are living and working in Arizona. My duties include organizing exhibitions, writing press releases, updating the website, holding board meetings, participating in financial planning and fundraising as well as organizing the documentation, transportation, installation and insurance of artworks. As the director I plan the programming for four separate spaces at Fine Art Complex 1101 which includes a main gallery, a project room, the new media arts center and a public works space that is on view 24/7. Programming often involves collaborating with visiting curators, visiting artists, and other key members of the arts community to create events and exhibitions that benefit emerging, unrepresented and under-represented artists.



  • Galleries Director, Fine Art Specialist, Arizona State University.

As the Galleries Director at Arizona State University I oversee three separate galleries on two different campuses as well as arrange exhibitions for display cases in the art building. My main duties include organizing the exhibition schedule, promotion, installation and de-install of our diverse curatorial initiatives, as well as coordinating the MFA thesis exhibitions, BFA thesis exhibitions, ASU club exhibitions and proposed shows for the gallery system throughout the year. In addition to my curatorial duties I teach two courses, one on the history of curatorial practice (ARA 460: Gallery Exhibitions) and a professionalization course (ART 482: Senior Projects) as well as serving on MFA thesis committees and guided independent studies with graduate students (ARA 592: Independent Research). In addition to these duties, I also produce content for the school of art website and social media channels as well as promoting our curatorial projects through various arts organizations and advertising partnerships. As part of these responsibilities I hire, train and oversee three T.A.'s, a photography team, and thirty plus student workers who participate in our galleries system as docents, art installers, lighting technicians, etc. Beyond my on-campus duties I act as a stakeholder for the interests of the ASU galleries system in the greater metro Phoenix area, Tempe city council meetings, warehouse district meetings, innovation district meetings, artlink meetings and various special events throughout the year.

  • Host: Studio Visits at ASU with Max Presneill at Grant Street Studios. 
  • Host: Studio Visits at ASU with Kio Griffith at Grant Street Studios.



  • Art Reviewer for ArtsBeacon, an on-line arts journal.

I wrote long form reviews of significant local, national and international artists exhibiting throughout the greater Phoenix Metro area, Tempe and Scottsdale. 



  • Program Director of Autonomie, a non-profit arts organization.

I was the director of the day-to-day operations of a non-profit arts organization dedicated to exhibiting emerging and under-represented artists. My duties included organizing exhibitions, writing press releases, updating the website, participating in financial planning and fundraising as well as organizing the documentation, transportation, installation and insurance of artworks. My core duties consisted of defining the direction of purpose-based outcomes, establishing metrics for measuring success, promoting accountability in achieving project aims, and creating social and economic benefits for the arts community. In addition to these duties I was also responsible for supporting community outreach programs and traveling exhibitions that work to build intercultural dialogue. During my time as program director I curated over forty exhibitions, organized The Arts Resource Center in order to connect artists with greater opportunities and worked with other galleries and institutions to promote various cultural events. 

I was elected to assist in organizing exhibitions, distributing awards, holding meetings and furthering the mission of FAR through strategic outreach initiatives. This included hosting the famous ATA (artist talk art) series, developing fund raising strategies for special projects through grant proposals and partnering with other institutions, curators and artists to develop challenging and innovative exhibition programming. 

  • Panelist: "Art & Social Media" with Kio Griffith, Sharon Butler and Julia Schwartz at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).
  • Guest Speaker: "Art and Professionalization" with John Millei at the Art Center College of Design (ACCD). 
  • Guest Speaker: "Art and the Architecture of Control" at the Torrance Art Museum.



  • Author, The Architecture of Control: A Contribution to the Critique of the Science of Apparatuses. Published by Zero Books.

The focus of my first book was broadening the scope of the Foucaultian project of understanding social control through an in-depth analysis of the micro-physics of power. This lead me to develop an entirely new lexicon for thinking about the process of subjectivation in relation to architecture, culture and capitalism. The book spent more than a year as a top seller in its genre and was endorsed my major figures in the field of surveillance studies, philosophy and critical theory, including Mark Poster and William Bogard. It was reviewed in Interstitial Journal and is often cited as an important contribution to thinking about how governmentality operates in both the east and the west through architectural forms. 

  • Finalist: The William and Dorothy Yeck Award for Painting.
  • Published: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, Volume 15, Issue 3. Review of Non-Stop Inertia by Ivor Southwood. Pgs. 487-489.



I was hired to teach philosophy from the 18th century to the present with a specific focus on agency and action as it relates to intersections between continental philosophy and architectural practice. My duties included lecturing, assigning weekly, mid-term and final projects as well as providing feedback on student projects in both individual and group critiques. 

  • Winner: M.F.A. NOW, International Painting Competition.
  • Catalog: Pitzer College, "Capitalism in Question", Essays by Daniel Joseph Martinez, Daniel A. Segal and Ciara Ennis.
  • Panelist: Pitzer College, Pitzer Art Galleries, "Capitalism in Question" with Daniel Joseph Martinez, Ian Arenas, Matthew Brandt, James Melinat, Gabie Strong, Kara Tanake, and Bill Anthes. Held in conjunction with talks by Aviva Chomsky on "Capitalism in Question: Rethinking labor and environmental histories", Marshall Sahlins on "Infrastructuralism", Ching Kwan Lee on "The labor question of Chinese capitalism in Africa", Ellen Harper and Stuart McConnell on "Songs of work and resistance", Sherry Ortner on "The darkness of American films: Late capitalism, 'Generation X' and the global impact of the American dream", J. Phillip Thompson on "Capitalism in transition: From competition to cooperation", Juliet Schor on "From ecocide to plenitude: From capitalism to sustainability", and Richard Parker, "If we're all Keynesians (Again), just what sort of Keynesians are we?".



I was selected to organize and lead discussion groups with EGS graduate students residing in Southern California who were pursuing a Ph.D. or masters in philosophy and communications. My main duties included facilitating the peer review process, giving feedback in on-line forums, and helping students to prepare for their thesis defense. I also helped coordinate travel, orientation, and enrollment for new students.

I was selected to represent the interests of the Alumni of the Art Center College of Design in searching for a qualified candidate to oversee the Humanities and Design Sciences department at ACCD. My main duties were to help develop the screening questions for potential candidates for hire, promote the public presentations of candidates who were currently under review and making sure that we followed the university guidelines throughout the selection process.

  • Winner: Orange County Arts Grant for Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture.
  • Catalog: Constant Gallery, "Ab-Extradition". Essays on my work by Jacques Rancière, Christabel Wiebe and Marko Zlomislic. 



  • Instructor at UCI (University of California, Irvine), Painting.

I was selected to teach introductory painting classes to undergraduate fine art students at UCI. My duties included lecturing on topics from the use of artistic materials to the exploration of ideas from modernism to the present. I was also responsible for assigning weekly, mid-term and final projects as well as leading class critiques. I also did live demonstrations of different paintings techniques, organized an open painting lab based on classical and contemporary themes and worked to promote an atmosphere of inquiry, growth and self-expression.

I was hired to instruct students and the general public in the technical aspects of drawing as well as providing brief informal lectures on the historical context of twentieth century art. Duties included lecturing in a museum environment, giving technical drawing demonstrations and providing individual feedback on in-class assignments.

  • Teaching assistant for Michael Hardt at EGS, Political Activism: Multiplicity and Empire and Fred Ulfers for Nietzsche in Contemporary Thought.

I was selected to help distribute selected readings, to help facilitate class discussions and to run an on-line forum as well as collecting and grading assignments.

  • Interviewed: Art Forum: Contemporary Issues in Art & Architecture, Vol 29. Number 2. Fall.
  • Reviewed: New University Press, Feb, "Dos, Duo, Double". By Elizabeth Watkins.
  • Reviewed: Direct Art Magazine, Fall-Winter issue. By Sam Keith.



  • Awarded: The UC Irvine Teaching Assistant Fellowship.



  • Teaching Assistant for David Trend at UCI for Everyday Culture: Art, Media and Technology and Martha Gever for Introduction to Documentary Film.

I was selected to assist with distributing class materials, providing the teacher with technical support in the lecture hall and grading class assignments. This included screening films for the class, leading group discussions on film and cultural theory, and tutoring students during office hours. 

  • Winner: Orange County Arts Grant for Drawing, Painting and Printmaking.
  • Reviewed: Orange County Weekly, "Decadence Conference", Wonderoom. By Nardine A. Saad.



I was hired to teach introductory level art classes to high school students. My responsibilities included lecturing on the fundamentals of color, composition, form, anatomy and visual storytelling. I was also responsible for developing curriculum and organizing a final presentation of the student work that was completed in the course. I introduced comic book story-telling, storyboarding and figure invention classes to the program, as well as regularly teaching a one-week intensive course on illustration techniques.



  • Assistant for Jim Shaw L.L.C.

I was hired to contribute to large-scale mural works, easel painting and various drawing projects shown in both national and international exhibitions.



  • Instructor at CAAM (California African American Museum), Afterschool Programs.

I was hired to teach art classes about visual storytelling and illustration techniques to high school students. Duties included curriculum development, class demonstrations and a final presentation of student works completed in the course.

  • Reviewed: Art Forum Picks, Art Forum on-line, JSA (Jim Shaw's Army).
  • Interviewed: DOT Magazine, Issue 11.
  • Inker: L.A. Weekly, Nov. 18th-24th, Vol 27. No. 52, Jim Shaw's Comics.



  • Awarded: The Bradford Hall Arts Scholarship.
  • Awarded: The San Marino League Arts Scholarship.
  • Awarded: The Pasadena Art Alliance Scholarship.
  • Awarded: The Art Center Scholarship.



  • Instructor, Art Center College of Design, Kids Program.

I was hired to instruct students from 4th through 8th grade in basic drawing and painting skills. Duties included curriculum development and a final presentation of the student works completed in the course.



  • Founded the 'Master Class' in Drawing at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

I helped to organize and served as a teacher’s aid for Glen Villpu, Steve Houston and john Watkiss. My duties included videography, tutoring, and assisting with the distribution of class materials.



  • Interviewed: The State Press, Vol. 81. No. 117. Friday, April 4, 1997. "Comic Character: ASU Student creates own funny business for artists", By Cadonna Peyton.



  • Founded Uncut Comics.

I founded a comic book company where I oversaw the art production of eight issues and one card set of the Uncut Comics characters. My job included working with ten artists per an issue, attending conventions, doing roundtable discussions, and leading drawing workshops. I also gained experience working with printing companies, distributors, and advertisers.



  • Winner: The Drafting Olympics, State, Bronze Metal in Orthographic Projection. Invitation to speak at the state capitol.




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