Grant Vetter


Landscape at Escape Velocity: Kerstin Dale, Edgar Cardenas, Thomas Locke Hobbs, Molly Koehn, William LeGoullon, Ann Morton, Darryl Naito and Buzzy Sullivan

In Advance of Idenitity at Fine Art Complex 1101: Daniel Funkhouser, Julia Gonzalez, Lisa Von Hoffner, Daniel Kanu, Clarita Lulic, and Cydnei Mallory.

Juried Graduate Summer Show at the ASU Harry Wood Gallery: Cam DeCaussin, Dani Godreau, Racheal Goodwin, Pam Golden, Lisa Von Hoffner, Joe Holdren, Travis Ivey, Taylor James, Molly Koehn, A.J. Nafzinger, Jessica Palomo, Ryan Parra, Courtney Richter, Alison Sweet, Buzzy Sulivan, Travis Rice, and Shiyan Xu. 

The Status of Portraiture at Autonomie Projects, Artists: Justin Bower, Virgina Broersman, Josh Dildine, Alec Egan, Ariel Erestingcol,Jay Erker, Andrew Foster, Roni Feldman, Steve Hampton, Laurance McNamara, Max Presneill, Constance Mallinson, Jason Ramos, Erica Ryan Stallones, and Frank J. Stockton.

Painting on Edge II at Den Contemporary: Joshua Aster, Hilary Baker, Kent Familton, Andrew Foster, Richard Galling, Steve Hampton, Scott Jamieson, Michael Kindred Knight, Christopher Kuhn, David Leapman, David Micheal Lee, Michelle Jane Lee, Joe Lloyd, Heather Gwen Martin, Kevin Moore, Max Presneill, Alison Rash, Adam Ross, Nano Rubio, Eric Schott, Chris Trueman, and Jayson Ward.

Painting on Edge at Autonomie Projects: Kent Familton, Steve Hampton, Scott Jamieson, Christopher Kuhn, David Leapman, David Micheal Lee, Michelle Jane Lee, Joe LloydKevin Moore, Max Presneill, Alison Rash, Adam Ross, Nano Rubio, Eric Schott, Chris Trueman, and Jayson Ward

Vertigo at the Twelth Floor Gallery, Co-curated with Max Presneill and York Chang: Jonathan Apgar, Nina T. Becker, York Chang, Michael Dopp, Steve Hampton, Michelle Carla Handel, Wendy Heldman, Katie Herzog, William Kaminski, Owen Kidd, Ashley Landrum, Max Presneill, Nano Rubio, Gabie Strong, Stephanie Washburn, Peter Wu, Samira Yamin.

The Desocialized Landscape at D-Block Projects: Nina T. Becker, Josh Cho, April Friges, Dong Jun Hoon, Joey Lehman Morris, Kerry Rodgers, and Gabie Strong.

Speculative Materialism II at Andi-Compognone Projects: Brandon Anschultz, Seann Brackin, Hollis Cooper, David French, Richard Galling, Kent Familton, Steve Hampton, Michael Kindred Knight, Christopher Khun, Ashley Landrum, David Michael Lee, Melanie Moore, Marcus Perez, Alison Rash, Nano Rubio, Eric Schott, Samantha Thomas, Chris Trueman, and Stephen Walters.

Speculative Materialism: Abstract Art and it's Conditions at D-Block Projects: Brandon Anschultz, Seann Brackin, Hollis Cooper, Alan Disparte, David French, Richard Galling, Kent Familton, Steve Hampton, Greg Kozaki, Christopher Khun, Ashley Landrum, David Michael Lee, Marcus Perez, Alison RashSamantha Thomas, Chris Trueman, and Stephen Walters.

Durden and Ray, Year Two at Autonomie Projects: Emily Counts, Ariel Erestingcol, Roni Feldman, Jon Flack, David French, Luis G. Hernandez, Claudia Parducci, Max Presneill, Chris Trueman and Louisa Van Leer.

Durden and Ray, Year One at Commonspace: Brian Bosworth, Jacob Butts, Emily Counts, Ariel Erestingcol, McLean Fahnstock, Roni Feldman, Jon Flack, David French, Luis G. Hernandez, Mitsuko Ikeno, Gil Kuno, Ivan Limas, Claudia Parducci, Max Presneill, Jason Ramos, Alison Rash, and Louisa Van Leer.

Action (Un)Packed: Abstraction After Action at Commonspace at Common: Nick Aguayo, Josh Dildine, Kent Familton, Richard Galling, Steve Hampton, David Micheal Lee, Ryan Peter Miller and Stephen Walters.

Acute (Small Works by 22 Los Angeles Artists) at Room Gallery on the University of Irivine campus: Asher, Ethan Ayer, Raffi Baghoomian, Dan Bayles, Justin Bower, Cole CaseScott Marvel Cassidy, Marcus Civin, Summer Cooper, Sarah Cromarty, Kent Familton, Richard Galling, Joshua Holzmann, Simon Hughes, Alix Large, Mini Lauter, Amanda Price, Sean Sullivan, Samantha Thomas, Dani Tull, and Michelle Walker.


TWO PERSON SHOWS: Artist-in-Dialogue Series at Autonomie Projects

Davin Kyle Knight and Michelle Jane Lee: Proximate Mediations 

Steve Hampton and Raymie Iadevaia: Saccharine Salad

Cole M. James and Michelle Carla Handel: I Do Not Deny Them My Essence

Eric Schott and Jayson Ward: Tesselated Flow

David French and Melanie Moore: The Unbearable Lightness of Form

Max Presneill and Scott Marvel Cassidy: You Sunk My Battelship

Jorin Bossen and Jason Ramos: We're All Sensitive People

David Micheal Lee and Michael Kindred Knight: Quotient Space

Nick Aguayo and Marcus Perez: You Do This To Me And I Do This To You

Richard Galling and Christopher Kuhn:Arranged

Elana Mellissa Hill and Simon Hughes: Hypersurregionalism

April Friges and Nina T. Becker: Erasing Traces

Alison Rash and Chris Trueman: The Suspended Literal

Ashley Landrum and Nano Rubio: The Levity of Painting



Erika Lynne Hanson: wave

Sean Deckert: Reflective Properties

Peter Bugg: Once Removed (Project Room, Fine Art Complex 1101)

Malena Barnhart: Video Works 2012-2015 (New Media Arts Center, Fine Art Complex 1101)

Virginia Broersma: Dithyrambic (Autonomie Projects)

Becca Shewmake: Assembler Clouds (Autoinomie Projects)

Tesssie Whitmore: Spaceface (Autonomie Projects)

Bessie Kunath: Free Normcore (Autonomie Projects)

Liz Nurneberg: Affect (Foundation for Art Resoruces)

Gabie Strong: The Exegesis of Entropy (Autonomie Projects)

Katie Herzog: Literaturewurst (Autonomie Projects)

Hollis Cooper: Invirtuality (Autonomie Projects)

Seann Brackin: It's Happening Right Now (Autonomie Projects)

Nano Rubio: Endure Supermax (Foundation for Art Resources)

Stephen Walters: Absent Work (Commonspace) 



Mind the Gap: London-Los Angeles Dialogues. An ARTRA Sponsored event curated by David Leapman. Artists: Marie D' Elbee, David French, Hanz Hancock, Alexis Harding, Vincent Hawkins, Erin Lawlor, David Leapman, Patrick Morrissey, Katie Pratt, Max Presneill, Chistopher Rawcliffe, Sarah Sparks, Johnny J.J. Walker

Portrait of Antartica. Curated by Natlia Lopez. An Autonomie Projects Sponsored Event. Artists: Lita Albuquerque, Dawn Arrowsmith, Roni Feldman, Karen Marcher, Claudia Parducci, Erin P, Roland Reiss, and Jayson Ward.

Christy Roberts: Blanket Solidarity. Exhibition was held in conjunction with the Occupy Wallstreet Movement in Downtown Los Angeles. A FAR Sponsored event.

Pacific Non-Standard Time, A Foundation for Art Resources Sonsored Project.

Pacific Non-Standard Time: Part One, FAR 1977-Present. Performances by Helga Fassonaki, Maya Gurantz, Fatima Hoang & Janice Gomez, and Anna Oxygen.

Pacififc Non-Standard Time: Part Two, Traumatic Materiality: Painting Inelegance. Curated by Steve Hampton. Artists: Nick Aguayo, Jonanthan Apgar, Cole James, Caitlin Slegr, Ian Trout, and Tessie Whitmore.

Pacific Non-Standard Time: Part Three, Quinton McCurine: Manipulated Mediation. Curated by Mindy Brocka.


I have been a curator since 2010.


I've had the honor of working alongside prominent curators in the Southern California art scene who have greatly influenced my thinking about exhibition design, community building and how to develop challenging and timely programming.




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