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I currently write for the Arts Beacon. I have also published numerous essays in art monographs and catalogs.  

Dr. Grant Vetter is an art critic, curator and the author of the author of The Architecture of Control from Zero Books. In addition to being the Galleries Director at Arizona State University he is also the Program Director of Fine Art Complex 1101 in Tempe, Arizona and he reviews art books for Routledge publishing. He is currently working on his second book about the relationship between art and globalization. He has recently been featured as one of Phoenix’s top 100 creatives in the Phoenix New Times as well as being interviewed about his curatorial practice in Java Magazine and Studio Crasher Magazine.

Before coming to Arizona he was the Director of Autonomie Projects in Los Angeles and a former board member of Fine Art Resources, a non-profit organization that has been producing critical programming in the arts since 1977. He has served as a teacher at the School for Science and Architecture (Sci-Arch), the Art Center College of Design, and the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Dr. Vetter has given talks about art at the Torrance Art Museum, California State University Long Beach, the Munroe Center for Social Inquiry at Pitzer and many other venues. In addition to these honors he has also had papers published in The Journal of Labor and Society and Review 31, as well as contributing essays to various catalogs and monographs.

Dr. Vetter is the Galleries Director at Arizona State University. He is also the Program Director of Fine Art Complex 1101 in Tempe, and the author of The Architecture of Control from Zero Books.

Grant Vetter


Curator / Critic / Author 

He holds advanced degrees from the European Graduate School (EGS), University of California, Irvine (UCI), and the Critical Theory Institute (CTI) where he had the opportunity to study with such notable theorists as Slavoj Zižek, Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière, Michael Hardt, Gorgio Agamben, Judith Butler, Avital Ronell, Brian Massumi, Manuel DeLanda, and Simon Critchley. He did his undergraduate work at the Art Center College of Design, Associates in Art and the California Art Institute. During his undergraduate and graduate studies he was the recipient of the Bradford Hall Arts Scholarship, the San Marino League Arts Scholarship, the Pasadena Art Alliance Arts Scholarship, the Art Center College of Design Scholarship and a UCI teaching Fellowship.

In addition to curating, teaching, writing, and editing books, Dr. Vetter has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad. He was a former member of the art collective Durden and Ray as well as the winner of the Orange County Grant for Painting, Drawing and Printmaking in 2007 and 2009, a winner of the international contest M.F.A. NOW and a runner up for the William and Dorathy Yeck award for Painting in 2012. His work has been included in exhibitions by curators like Lucy Lippard and Edward Lucie-Smith and has also appeared in Art Forum, the L.A. Weekly, the OC Weekly and many other trade magazines. Today he lives in Tempe and Phoenix where he helps to encourage, support and develop the arts scene with an eye toward bringing greater attention to those involved in cultural production in the great state of Arizona and beyond!

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